Koray Hochzeitsfotografin
Koray Hochzeitsfotografin
Hi, I am Koray - the artist behind 'Koray Design Photography'.


To become an artist/entrepreneur was always an ambition of mine. Majority of my childhood was spent in my room; drawing, dreaming, and copying pages of fashion magazines and catalogue.


My passion for art, fashion and photography started at birth and only continues to grow stronger with age.


During my time at high school, I studied composition in visual arts. Later, I attended the Otto Johansen Technikum for Fashion Design in Germany.


Due to my professional orientation, I decided to further improve upon my skills and therefore studied Design in Media to become a professional photographer. AdditionalIy, I worked with "Patrick-Paris O. S." being responsible for web presentations, programming and graphic designs.


My collective experiences in fashion, beauty and graphic design flourished my path and influenced my style immensely.


To inspire people through my photography and making the world a more colourful place is my aspiration in life.


Every couple has their own love story. Share yours with me, to capture unforgettable memories <3


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